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A Walk With Native Couture ... Hand-Wrapped Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry Design

Hand-wrapped gemstones and crystals feature the CrystalHugger Twistwrap wire-wrapping styling which is a minimal, earthy and organically styled wire wrapping technique I designed to showcase transparent faceted gemstones and crystals allowing a 360 degree view of the entire gemstone. A gemstone's total beauty can be admired at all times and from all angles. If you like BIG sparkle, you may enjoy wearing the design. Great stones designed in my wire wrap design always get a second and third look and start conversations, it is the uniqueness of the design combined with the magnificent sparkle of the stones. Twistwrap styling can be tailored for single or double wire styling - dependng upon how much wire you want to see. Wire size is aligned with stone size to ensure a strong twistwrap. Make a lasting and memorable impression wearing hand-wrapped gemstone and crystal jewelry designed by How nice that the Twistwrap allows you to see your entire gemstone without 1/3 or more of it being covered with traditional mounting. Start with beautiful, flawless crystals and graduate to gorgeous, flawless semi-precious and precious gemstones.


WELCOME to the home of the CrystalHugger TwistWrap™, my original wire-wrapping technique created in 2003, created by accident, but inspired by my admiration for beautiful gemstones ... in particular very fine faceted transparent gemstones - and crystals. The wire-wrap design securely locks the gemstone in place within the wire harness, yet allows for a 360 degree view of a stone when viewed from any angle. My clients can choose from many varieties of fine loose gemstones which are showcased on my Gemstone Locator Pages - private to clients only. These pages are created to provide clients with an opportunity to browse in one place a large selection of marvelous gemstones that are perfect for my wire-wrap jewelry designs. There are precious and semi-precious gemstones, and also beautiful simulated, and lab-created and extremely well cut crystals - all of which are perfect for my lightweight, minimal, earthy, native wire-wrapping designs.

Among my most popular designs is the internally flawless AAA+ colorless hand-wrapped crystal pendant. Matching earrings are available ... and light CANARY colors in these super fine crystals are also available. The pendant is a great "try-me" item to see if you like the look of the design, and to see how easily it blends with your day to evening calendar. I can wire wrap gemstones and crystals in sizes 8mm and up.

INQUIRIES: E-mail Crystal or call Crystal: 310-625-9499 with questions.

The CrystalHugger TwistWrap is a lightweight, minimal, native-inspired wire-wrapping technique I created in 2003. It is featured in much of my handmade couture jewelry design work.

Color Sparks Emotional Sensation ... are you attracted to the magnetism of bold color and shimmering sparkle? I enjoy pretty stones and in my work I handle a lot of beautifully cut gemstones and crystals, some of the prettiest. I enjoy blending color, shape, and style when creating new design streams, this is how style emerges. With eachpassing season the layering and blending of elements over time contribute to the creation of exciting - and original - jewelry styles. I believe all designers are a part of the evolutinizing of jewelry design history as it changes and grows on a daily basis. In my Culver City, California design showroom my design colleagues as well as my clients are a part of the creation and design expertise growing at There are over 3000 fine beads, strands, findings to choose from and it always an exciting adventure having this much variety to choose from in our design sessions.

Colored Gemstones and Crystals ... are really on display in my wire-wrap design as it allows a real view of all of the physical and optical properties beautiful stones possess, the color, the cutting, the stunning internal fire. I wire-wrap faceted semi-precious and precious gemstones primarily, and I also work with AAA+ custom cut crystals and gemstone simulants as well as impeccably faceted, super fine quality lab created gemstones. Many of my designs feature Swarovski crystals and pearls. My design studio hosts an ecclectic mix of design elements - as you see here on this webpage - there are many one only designs, I am a maker and lover of one only jewelry. Nothing like knowing you'll not see another person wearing what you are wearing, because you own the only one.

Variety is the Spice of Life ... and Jewelry ... ... I enjoy a LOT of variety in my jewelry design and in my jewelry box ... love having endless design possibilities to choose from. I am BIG on original handmade jewelry, and BIG on the use of custom crafted beads ... I have a passion for collecting hand made one-only beads ... finely etched beads, filigree beads and ornate bead caps, custom made hand painted beads and matching beadcap sets, inlaid and ornately adorned beads, modern lineal metal beads, Murano glass beads, lampwork glass beads, and other types of handmade original beads created by independent artisans all across the World.

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Do you have a gemstone or crystal that you would like transformed into a beatiful hand-wrapped pendant? Contact me!

At, custom-made crystal and gemstone jewelry has never been more beautiful or affordable. creates dream jewelry, that is versatile and timeless. I can incorporate your ideas and preferences for color combination, selection of beads and adornments into a stunning one-only jewelry item of beauty. I source fine diamonds in small and large carat sizes, as well as fine pearls.
Imaginethe colors of sunsets, rainbows, deep blue oceans and fireworks ... black, blue, red, purple, yellow, green and gold ... bronze, copper, teal, orange, burgundy and silver ... all together, in one necklace. An original design featuring fiery, blazing gemstones (or crystals), never to be owned by anyone but YOU! Together we'll create a beautiful, one-only hand-wrapped gemstone or crystal design featuring your favorite cuts and colors, select all gemstones or an exotic mix of gemstones with AAA+ fine crystals ... my designs are often embellished with exquisite beads. My goal is to make it easy, fast and affordable for my clients to locate beautiful gemstones and to that end I created a vast gemstone locator database with many pages of lovely gemstones for my clients to browse.

SPECIAL REQUESTSPlease contact me by e-mail with your special requests and questions about design ideas you have, or a design featured on this webpage. Perhaps you have a special design in mind ... a special gemstone you would like wrapped with my wire-wrap design or set in a lovely traditional gold, platinum or silver mounting - I can take care of it.

NETWORKING AND REFERRALS ... In the fine gemstone arena, I have many years of studying and experience sourcing fine gemstones, directly from commercial dealers and independent private mine dealers. In the hand-crafted artisan arena I have many, many connections with expert wirewrap artists, many whose art I wear. As we know as with traditional jewelry design there are many styles of wire wrapped jewelry design to choose from today - ranging from very simple and minimal, to very ornate and eclectic.

Diamond Collections: The Aurora Butterfly of Peace Diamond Collection

Diamond collectors Harry Rodman and Alan Bronstein spent twelve years assembling a 240-piece, 167 carat collection of fancy colored diamonds, one diamond at a time to assemble this masterpiece collection in the shape of a beautiful, rainbow-hued Butterfly of Peace. The pair assembled other heraled collections of beautiful diamonds including the amazing Pyramid of Hope collection, a rare collection of 295 naturally colored diamonds.

The Butterfly of Peace features diamonds that possess stunning color, cut and unimaginable beauty. While fancy color diamonds have traditionally been a small part of the diamond business, their popularity and availability have grown in recent decades. The most well-known historical and current sources of fancy color diamonds are India, South Africa, and Australia. Other diamond mine locations, including Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, and Indonesia, also produce fancy color diamonds. When purchasing rare and expensive colored diamond always have them inspected.IGI has the experience and knowledge, backed by full scientific equipment, to identify the exact color origin and color description of both colorless and fancy colored diamonds.

Better to be safe than sorry, and DO KNOW that fine colored diamond lab-grown simulants are quite remarkable these days and will easily test positive as diamonds when taken to jewelry stores and tested on over-the-counter diamond testing equipment, this is why lab verification is so important because without this solid form of verification you could spend $10,000 for a stone worth $1,000.

Lovely set of three opalite aura crystal stack bracelets.
These dreamy, rainbow opal-like crystal beads shimmer and stand out with light play bouncing though and off of the rainbow prisms in each bead.
Rainbow AB crystal briolette drop on the memory wire bangle.

I Create custom earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and body jewelry featuring stunning foil beads, paper and wood beads, leaf beads, Swarovski crystals, and hand-made/hand-painted glass beads as well as other types of custom crafted beads in all kinds of shapes, colors. Always expect top quality materials, expert workmanship and solid design advice ... as well as dependable customer service.



BEST SELLER! - $24.99 USD - the 10MM ROUND AAA+ Internally Flawless Wire-Wrapped Diamond Crystal Pendant, Shipping is included. Simple, elegant, and brimming with fire and sparkly this pendant design is one that can be worn easily day to evening. A specific size of wire is used based on the size and weight of the stone and the stone is very tightly and securely locked witin the wires, then fused with a special sealant at the bail that securely bonds the wires together so there is no losening of the wires with normal wear. Slide it onto a lovely chain and prepare for stares, compliments and conversations. The design is eye-catching, unique and a sure attention getter. Use the drop down menu when ordering to select your Twistwrap color: silver, gold or two-tone, and your wire wrap style preference: single Twistwrap or double Twistwrap.The double Twistwrap is featured to the right. All of the slideshows featured on this page showcase designs with the single Twistwrap design. Choose from sterling silver wire, gold-plated sterling silver wire or custom order 14k gold wire. Your order arrives beautifully gift boxed and ready for giving. Simple cleaning instructions are included.

Wire Color and WirewrapPreferences

ALWAYS ON THE CUSP OF HIGH ART: WEARABLE ART ... The style of my wirewrap design is timeless, it does not go out of style, it works with dressy or casual attire daytime to evening, it is original, artsy, and offers earthy yet big fashion styling at the same time. The elegant yet simple wiring design piques curiosity so don't be surprised when others notice it want to take a closer look ... and this should happen normally when the jewelry you wear is original, handmade wearable art. It should not look store bought.

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: The 10MM size earrings are super lightweight with magnificent presence and sparkle. Hand-wrapped gemstone and crystal earrings are very comfortable to wear however do remember to take care of them as you would your fine jewelry. There is no extra weight or heavy mounting pulling on your ear. The design lines are clean and minimal, simple and earthy, with a primitive edge. The simple, elegant hand-wrapped crystal pendant is is a great try-me item, and when work with matching earrings you will enjoy the complete signature look.

CALIFORNIA SALES TAX: Shipping is included in the price of these introductory items. California sales tax will be automatically added to your order during checkout through PayPal. All items are shipped standard USPS ground, with tracking and arrive packaged for gift-giving. If you have special shipping instructions please either add a note to seller during checkout or contact us via e-mail. For general information and questions about shipping and returns, please see the Shipping & Return Information.

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DESIGN INSPIRATION:The CrystalHugger TwistWrap™ was inspired during a brief study of architecture while helping a friend design a new home in Malibu, California ... which brought me to an Architectural Digest feature on the construction of huts by early tribesmen, within which I saw photographs of early tools used by the tribesmen, and there in one article were a few photos of the wrapping style they used to wrap rocks ... I was intrigued with the way they twisted, tied, knotted, weaved and looped various types of soft bark twigs, tree vines, and flexible leaves around river boulder to create other instruments they could use for self defense, as hunting tools and to knocn down fruits from the higher branches of trees. The various tying, looping and weaving techniques were ingenious and helped them greatly.

GEMSTONE SOURCING: My clients have access to the Gemstone Locator Pages, that showcase great photographs of almost 600 different types of faceted gemstones that are perfect for my wire-wrapped as well as traditional mounting. I have an extensive network of international and U.S. gemstone cutters and dealers of precious, semi-precious and fine simulant gemstones.

BY HUMAN HANDS:Times have changed as they always will yet time never changes the character of fine gemstones. Prices hinge on rarity, the more rare gemstones become the more pricy. And rare stones, like rare people are magical. Rare, like miracles they are as each is the producy of an unimaginably detailed and individual journey. So much goes into the journey of a fine gemstone from the hand of Mother Earth to the hands of the public to enjoy.

Giving a gift of original handmade art, artisan crafted, custom made jewelry is a gift that will not be forgotten.

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